Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Go Away***

I've made a few friends here in New Zealand. Of those friends, 97% are travellers.

Is everyone aware Travelling can be spelled Traveling and both are correct depending on your audience? This is soccer and football and futbol all over again. English, can we stop being so needy and just pick a word and a spelling and call it a day?

I thought it would be fun to document my friends- who are travelling- talking about their travels. So here they are:

I asked them all the same 7 questions. Only 5 are shown in the video because of time constraint, attention span, and because I only felt like including 5. Out of the kindness of my soul I have included the questions you missed:

What do you miss from home? 

Martin- "Food, My cheese, I miss my cheese"
Tristan- "My Mom's cooking"
Mareen- "Nothing right now, maybe German bread and sometimes my family, but actually nothing" 
Toon- "Cycling without a helmet"
Asako- "My cat"*

When was your first travel experience?

Martin- "Ireland to visit my sister"
Tristan- "Traveling and camping in Iceland"
Mareen- "After I graduated from School I went to Paris by bike with a couple of friends"
Toon- "Probably when I was 5, we went to Brazil. But before that time we were always traveling with my father"**
Asako- "When I was 21 I went to the south of Japan"

*Asako has 9 cats.
** This is Toon's 10th time in New Zealand
*** Asako is teaching me some essential Japanese vocabulary

Please be advised that all video and pictures are, infact, taken on my iPhone which is why the audio is inconsistent. If your ears are offended then please also be advised that amazon does deliver to New Zealand and a new camera or microphone is always welcome.