Monday, November 23, 2015

Hi there! So It seems everyone is interested in the small amount of time I have left before I leave.
In order to appease the questions and hopefully give you all a picture of the last couple weeks I have here, and maybe some insight in to my mental state, below is my perspective of the next 17 days:

Today: Dad put my mattress in the back of his vehicle. Not sure where I'm sleeping tonight, but it will likely involve a couch or a futon.

Monday: I NEED to FaceTime with Leah (yes I remember and i hope you're still planning on making it happen). The rest of my clothes and belongings need to be put in my car, then I am driving to Bluffton to pack for the week I will be in Philadelphia.

Tuesday: I will likely be throwing last minute packing items in to a bag because lets be real, there are not enough hours in a day. Then the parental units and I will be jumping in the car for 6-7 hours of podcasts and books and sleep.

Wednesday: we finish our 10 1/2 hour drive to Philly and when we get there I don't know what happens. I guess we'll hang out? food and family will likely be involved.

Thursday: we join the famous O'Donnell Thanksgiving. I have been promised a lot of food, and family, and borderline unhealthy competition. Rock band will also likely be involved. Who knows, I can only speculate at this point.

Friday: The women are pampered and then we practice not looking like fools walking down an isle and then we eat.

Saturday: I'm not going to get in to the whole schedule of this day because honestly I don't know what all is happening, but the moral of the story is I gain a wonderful new sister, and then we eat more.

Sunday: no clue, we're still in Philly

Monday: I believe we leave for Bluffton, more hours of driving and reading and sleeping, mostly sleeping.

Tuesday: Still more driving, we get home and I start packing for Japan like a crazy person.

Wednesday: I wake and probably do more packing and then leave for Indy for a Dr's appt.

Thursday: Nothing, Nothing? certainly this cannot be real, a whole day? Don't be fooled, it won't last long. especially after I post this. And if it does then I will sit in a coffee shop and research and send emails or maybe do some Christmas shopping

Friday: My last shift at Sun King. Many mixed emotions

Saturday: Probably go home to see my beloved second family, or hang out with loved ones

Sunday: Sun King's holiday party, so more food and good times and finally saying goodbye to the job I never knew I'd love. Then driving back to Bluffton

Monday: Saying goodbye to my dad that morning before he leaves for Chicago, waiting for my mom to get off work, and completing my packing. freaking out

Tuesday: Flight to Dallas at 6:27am then Fly to Tokyo 10:35am. Land in Tokyo 3:20pm

Any down time you spy in that list is filled with panic attacks, quality friend time, sleeping, staring at a computer screen, and hoping  someone across the planet will email me back.

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