Saturday, March 5, 2016

That time I became a keg washer again and almost overdosed on Aoli

I am struggling from what I can only refer to as a food hangover. It is filled with regret, heartburn, waking up at unreasonable hours, and continues to flavour my day with reminders of my foolish choices. The amount of regret is unfortunately on par with the amount of acid reflux.

After 21 days of a rather strict paleo diet, and intermittent fasting, I made a huge mistake. I thought I could get away with a bit of sugar, fried food, and copious amounts of Aoli. no. NO. 4:30am is when regret began to set in. March 5, 2016 rapidly became a day of combating waves of nausea and self loathing. The day, however, is not without victory. I did this:

Look I'm on the Centre of New Zealand

Keg washing.

I was told it is the worst job in a brewery. I'm not sure I agree because I once attempted to shine the canning machine with a can of Twinkle and suffered far more. (Mostly from the ridicule of Dustin). Nonetheless I am proud because someone thought me capable of doing a difficult job. I like surprising people and I like doing things well, so when I can surprise someone by completing a task well then its a double whammy of satisfaction on my end. (This was not the case with Twinkle)

I was blessed. When I learned how to wash a keg everyone was way too nice to me; my mental and physical stability was frequently monitored. I learned how to do a difficult job in a place where difficult jobs are recognised and appreciated. I learned how to do a difficult job in a place where doing a difficult job felt like doing something worth while. So at Founders I asked if I could do a difficult job.

So today at 7:30 am- suffering from my questionable choice of sustenance from the night before- I rode a bike to Founders Brewery and went back to skilfully peeling stickers and mouldy onions off of kegs, recognising the sounds of a cleaning cycle, and wearing boots that only almost fit but not quite.

New perks: Overalls and a barista.
Down-side: It is the law to wear a hat, and my hat is lame.

Alas, I must suffer for that which I love. Which, oddly, is anything involving the creation and distribution of craft beer.

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