Monday, June 27, 2016

Midwinter Christmas

If you are fortunate enough to follow me on snapchat (@lcmklansek) then you have recently been made aware of my love for all things Christmas. 

June 25th is 6 months until Christmas, and In New Zealand it is winter. My northern hemisphere genetics think Christmas is in winter. Therefore June cannot occur in winter. Being cold in June and being warm on Christmas are two concepts my scope of comprehension has not yet fully grasped. So, because of my unrestrained excitement, I celebrated a Mid-winter Christmas in June. 

Fortunately I have always had people in my life who are willing to indulge me in my enthusiastic pursuits of nonsense. Also, apparently Mid-winter Christmas is kind of a thing in NZ, so my joy was accepted in to the arms of understanding individuals. Two such individuals not only accepted my jubilation but agreed to join me in my making of merriment.

Together we gathered with a weird amount of food, a bottle of champagne, and embarrassing stories from our distant and not-so distant pasts. The entire affair is one to be remembered, not only because of the leftovers I’ll be eating for the rest of this week, but also for the love which filled up my soul. 

I can’t help but be reminded of this past Christmas spent with kind and wonderful people in Japan. At a time when I could have felt very alone they filled up my soul- and together we pursued over-the-top Christmas cheer.  (See Meltykissmas) 

So I hope you all had a Merry Mid-winter/summer Christmas (depending on your whereabouts). And I hope you appreciate the people who not only let you be overly excited, but encourage your pursuits of merriment. 

Also I played Soccer, Here is some evidence that I play soccer: 

This is me taking a penalty kick
This is me channeling my inner beaver after doing a throw-in
This is me being a defender

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