Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Past-Due Update

This may be (is definitely) late notice for most of you (unless you are on the email list,) but I have some news.

I have left Nelson, and in a few short weeks I will be leaving New Zealand. 

Here is a picture a rebellious pigeon to ease your shock:

Okay, yes, I am leaving. Where am I going? What am I doing? Why have I made this insane decision to leave an unbelievably beautiful country full of people I love? Well, just sit back and have a cuppa (cup of some warm beverage) and I will inform you.

For many a moon I have been assessing my life almost constantly. Before I left Indiana I spent 3 years constantly taking stock of what I was learning, where I was going, what I wanted, and who I was becoming. When I left it never stopped, I have been observant of the changes I've made consciously and unconsciously, as well as the influences I've allowed to affect me. I never promised to go anywhere forever nor that I would return. I never claimed to know what was going to happen next, and I maintain this position. Therefore, my answers to the above questions will be of the same nature.

I am going so many places, I stopped in Wellington for a week to visit family. Now I am in Tauranga staying with the first people in New Zealand to bestow kindness on me. Next I will travel to Auckland to meet some fantastic friends for a whirlwind week of North Island Travels. After all of this I will head off to Hawaii for a week and eventually find myself in Indianapolis on September 8th. 


Stop. Please stop right there. Yes, I am technically going to one of the places in the world which I call home. Now take note of my next words, as they are important.

Nothing is ending, nothing is over. I'm not "Settling down," "Growing up," "Getting my life together." This was not a "Once in a lifetime experience" or "Trip of a lifetime." Friends, I am 23. There is more to come.

Which takes us to my next announcement, I am heading west. No not California, that fault line freaks me out, (yes I acknowledge the hypocrisy, considering where I am currently living). I am heading to Washington, more specifically Seattle area. I have wonderful family who live out there, graciously are willing to admit to our relation, and want to help me try out life on their side of North America.

So why, WHY am I leaving New Zealand? Simply because it is time. I assessed my life and I decided that I was comfortable. I succeeded in moving to a place where I knew no one and making it home. I got a job I loved, and worked with extremely special people.
 I played on a soccer team with a hilarious group of women and a very patient coach. I got involved with a church full of genuine souls seeking truth and freely bestowing generosity. I went from living in a hostel with international strangers to almost living like a local.
I got comfortable, and that is when I knew -despite how much I loved where I was- it is time to move. Not because I'm angsty or hard to please, but rather because I don't think it is time for me to get comfortable. I have so much more to learn, see, do, experience, and if I stay, I'm not taking the opportunities freely available to me.

So there you have it. I am leaving New Zealand, for now.
I am leaving another home to go to more unknown.

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