Saturday, October 29, 2016


When we got Alex from the SPCA he had developed Kennel cough. I remember sitting on the floor of our kitchen holding his head in my lap and making promises to God. I told God that if He let Alex live then I'd do everything I could to give him the best life a dog could possibly have.*

Luckily dogs don't hold grudges, or get mad and your shortcomings. They never question your choices, even when they get the short end of the stick. They just want you, because you're their pack. You're all they have, and you are the best thing in their world. They feel loved just being near you.

For 13 years Alex desperately wanted to be near us. I remember hiding things he had chewed up in our absence because I was afraid mom wouldn't take his destructive neediness anymore. She loved him though; even if it took her a while to admit it.  
For 13 years he would sit by me every time I was sad. He would tolerate me trying to snuggle him and taking impromptu naps on him. He would listen to me try to learn guitar, sing loudly around the house, and complain about whatever life crisis was happening at the time. He would get excited every time I came home after an extended absence, and he would hesitantly watch me pack while he knew I'd be leaving again. 

For 13 years he'd forgive me for not putting him first when all he knew about life was how to put his pack first. 

Alex was more than a good dog, he was a sweet soul. He was what I needed most on bad days and what I loved most about good ones. He was a companion, my unique friend, and a constant reminder that an answered prayer can be so much more than you intended or imagined.

Alex Klansek
November 2003- October 26, 2016

*I also asked God to spare our cat Oscar until the second coming, but He must have thought that request was a little less reasonable. 

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