Friday, July 7, 2017


Moving, moving, moving. Just when I think I'm stationary, I take another step.

I cannot fathom how it has been almost 10 months since I returned to the states. Ten months of friends, travel, conversation, joy, fear, unknown, rejection, acceptance, learning, and occasionally sleeping.

Any fears of complacency or settling have been pushed aside in a whirlwind of activity. A few months ago I was confused by my joblessness and all the time I had to read, hike, and think. Now, here I am a short time later with a life- once again- wilder than I imagined.

I haven’t written in a lengthy bit of time, but not without reason.

Reason #1: two jobs are keep me moving, and truthfully, I don’t really feel like the minute details of my life are worthy of putting on a blog right now.

Reason #2: I’m writing for another blog and, though I’m only writing monthly, it takes most of the creative energy I have left to come up with content.*

You can find my words on aforementioned blog more frequently than you will be finding them on here for the time being. I did however promise a summation of my road trip from Washington. I chose to go above and beyond the promise and deliver a summation of my time since coming back to the states last September (in 1 min and 23 seconds). 

Yes this video is too fast, and you can't dwell on any of the pictures because they fly by. Similarly I have soared through the last 10 months. I have seen the beautiful, weird, boring, and breathtaking of our fair country, I have been fortunate to spend time with friends willing to adventure where I'm traveling or living and make friends where I land. This video is what ten months of wild motion feels like in retrospect. Of course, I left out pictures of the days I spent sleeping and working, or when Audra and I lit a bag-worm infestation on fire on our driveway. Full disclosure, I'm sitting on my couch at 3:45 in the morning posting this, I'll sleep all day tomorrow and then work all night. My life is not always exciting, the highlight reel suggests it is, but remember, it's only 1 minute and 23 seconds.

*Another blog?! *crowd leans in anticipating the next words*
Yes, crowd, another blog. I’ve been contributing to Brian Welzbacher is the creator of the Oklahoma Craft Beer Podcast, designer of so much cool OKC Craft beer swag, and blogger of his experience in the community of craft brews, brewers, and enthusiasts. I met Brian at COOP Ale Works (Where I work, for those of you not paying attention) and offered to do a bit of writing for him just for fun!

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