Monday, December 14, 2015

Hi! I have been in Japan for a few days now. (I can't remember what day I got here, so that felt like a safe intro). Several of you have asked for an explanation of what I'm doing here in Japan. So I'm going to attempt to give a concise explanation starting NOW.

1. It all started when my dad was in college. 

2. He met Joel Kaufman who is now a missionary with his wife Sally in Karuizawa Japan. (I should really be spell-checking that, but after this post I get to go to bed so I'll leave that for tomorrow-Lauren to be annoyed by). 

3. Joel and Sally invited me to come to the Retreat Center they are in charge of and help with their Christmas Outreach ministry. 

4. Outreach involves putting together tracts, dressing up like santa and elves, going in to public places and saying "Arigatou Gozaimas" and "Merry Christmas" over and over while handing out these tracts. 
(If you asked to be on my e-mail list you will get a more detailed description of the outreach ministry once I get around to articulating it in an email.) 

5. I am also going with teams and other missionaries exploring Japan

6. I also eat and sleep a fair amount

So Here is a video of me doing everything described above:

Music by: Hillsong United, Touch the Sky (SXW Remix)

P.S. If you would all look at the comment section of the post before last you will notice how many of you responded to tell me you got an email alert when I posted. No really, go look now.

So since I got such an overwhelmingly helpful response (this is me reprimanding you with sarcasm) I added ANOTHER way to subscribe. I don't know how it works, but try it. love it. if it doesn't work then that's fine because no one will tell me anyways! 


  1. As the above anonymous human said, the email works. But I thought I'd leave my two cents just to reiterate the email's success. ;)