Saturday, December 19, 2015

The day I Ran

Two days ago I went for what I thought was going to be a casual run and ended up dangerously close to meeting God.

Some lovely people who live up the hill invited me to go running with them. I am not a runner, no, I run for the soul purpose of avoiding self loathing. I do not run well. So when I went for this run I thought to myself "a couple of miles won't be bad."

5.28 miles later I found myself wondering if self hatred might be a better alternative to running. The original intention was apparently to run 6 miles, but either out of exhaustion on their part, or more likely pity, we descended the mountain we scaled and went home. Some things you should know about this scenario:

1. It was snowing
2. Mountain air has less oxygen
3. Your body needs oxygen
4. I thought I was running 3 miles

When I got back to my cabin I couldn't find my dignity, it may now be the property of a wild mountain boar.  Here is a picture of me after:

Once I could form thoughts and move my legs again, I thought I should document the moment. 

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