Thursday, July 14, 2016


"I asked my angels for a Peugeot, do you believe in angels?"
"I asked them for a Peugeot this morning, what year is yours?"
"You should ask your angels for things when you need them." 
A much loved, much utilised car has been sold today. I worried no one would want it because it's European and difficult to find parts for, turns out the lion on the back was the exact reason she stopped to read my advertisement in the window.
"I loved your advertisement"
"Thanks! I love this car, I think it deserves another owner who will love it"

We talked about life, and people who live to do good work in the world, we talked about her travels, and she encouraged me that whatever I do I will spread love through my actions and sometimes also my words. I advertised much more than I was expecting to be paid for the car. Though I believe it's worth the money for how reliable and in what good condition its in, I never expected anyone would pay me the advertised price.

"The extra is just for fun"
"Wow, you don't have to do that, thank you so much"
"Thank you for being the person you are"

Be a blessing to someone today. Thank you all for being the people you are.

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