Friday, May 6, 2016


Hi there.

Sorry for the delay. In hindsight I realise I should have warned of my extended absence, but alas I shall bear the fruit of my transgression and soldier on.

What was I doing that was more important than writing to you folks about my mundane life? Well let me tell you, and perhaps you'll find it in your hearts to forgive. I was collecting stories.

After having lived in the hostel for a couple of months and slowly convincing a few people to call me their friend I was getting a bit antsy to see the island I've been sitting on top of. I spend a lot of time reassuring people my life isn't as exciting as my blog makes it look, and at the time it was true. Now, however, I can say the last month was just as exciting as I'm going to describe it to you. Actually it was far better, but my literary prowess is not cunning enough to transfer the precise emotions to your heart. Rest assured, I will use many CAPITAL LETTERS, exclamation points!!!, and italicised words to help you approach an accurate understanding.

Lets begin in France, the year was 1995. An assembly line of machines, powered by man's ingenuity and imagination, formed what can only be known as a piece of artwork. As if God Himself reached through the pearly gates and wrote in to history a machine so excellent He could only write it in to the mind of a frenchman. He gave us the 1995 Peugeot SRI.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you my chariot. 

Since the first week of April this car has allowed me to: 
1. Meet a lovely British couple
2. Almost (accidentally) abandon my friend Adam at the airport 
3. Travel back to my New Zealand roots to claim my cold weather clothing
4. See many a mountain, river, beach, hill, sheep, lake, and stranger
5. Take unbelievably cold, free showers and 6 minute, $2, hot showers
6. See places my camera cannot contain and my mind cannot understand

All of this and so much more. I will be writing as fast as inspiration takes me to bring you the stories from Adam's and my adventure that had me laughing until I ran out of air, standing dumbfounded before creation, and wondering what leg musculature Europeans have that I don't. 
So there you have it, I'M BACK. 

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