Friday, May 27, 2016

I'm really back now.

I know I know, I promised to post and then I disappeared again. Yes I should have informed people that my travels were not actually over and I had another 2 week stint coming up. I'm new at this whole blog thing, so just slow your roll.

Quick Comprehensive recap of the last two weeks:

I took 3 days to drive from Nelson to Queenstown, staying in Air BnB's along the way. It rained, I got lost, the wind was INSANE, it rained again and then I arrived at the airport to pick up two weary travellers.

The one they call Jordan (whom I call sister).

The one they call Rivers (whom I call Rivers). 

 Together we embarked on a journey filled mostly with rain and aggressive winds, but also kind old people and excessive desserts. First we hiked a mountain, met a lovely Irishman- who witnessed me hit myself in the face with my own walking stick- were pelted in the face with hail, fell several times going down the mountain*, and narrowly escaped hypothermia. We then met a lovely elderly couple with a ridiculously nice house and unbelievably delicious blueberry muffins. We teamed up to fix her macbook and go on our way with bellies full of homemade breads and coffee. Through the rain we drove, many a waterfall did we behold as we traveled toward ancient glaciers. We observed the near perfect reflection of New Zealand's first and second highest peak on Lake Matheson's glassy surface.

Finally greeted with clear skies we tramped through the river bed of our first ancient glacier.

Notice there is not a picture here, what we assumed would be an hour hike turned out to be roughly 15 minutes of walking before we couldn't go any further. Due to, you guessed it, extensive rainfall, approaching the giant block of ice was inadvisable.

The second glacier walk was notably more successful as can be seen in the picture of Rivers.**

(Insert summary of a 6 hour drive)
We saw a rainbow! 

Once again we were gifted with a sunny day and we walked/power walked/aggressively manoeuvred 6 hours of the famous Abel Tasman track and no one fell. Not even once. Part of this track can be seen in the picture of Jordan.*** We ate amazing indian food, walked to the centre of New Zealand,

and then promptly flew to Wellington to have adventures with family. So, minus the week of family fun, which I'm not willing to write about in the same post, there. you. have. it. 

I am back in Nelson now with nothing to do but work and write about my thoughts and memories and how incredibly grateful I am to have family and friends who flew to the other side of the planet and visited me.  I will get better at this I promise. End. 

*Four times. I fell four times. One of those times I fell so hard I broke my portable charger right in half. This was not a good day. 
**We got much closer, but honestly that picture is way cooler and I'm not in the business of wasting your time. 
*** Saving your precious moments once again.

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