Sunday, May 8, 2016

The super normal post setting up all the other posts to come

I casually mentioned my recent car purchase in my previous post. 
To stir your memory here is a casual picture of it in front of Mordor. 

I also casually mentioned how I managed to drive right past my travel companion, Adam,  at the airport. To sum up our first adventures in Wellington here are a bunch of visuals with satisfactorily descriptive captions: 
I forced him to stay awake and bond with family by watching a free Football (soccer) game. 
We explored the national museum with a creepy giant baby
Wellington was excessively windy
We narrowly escaped trolls 
We drank Cuban Coffee 
We discovered how out of shape we are after running up a hill to see this happen
(Video courtesy of Adam's iPhone)

We ingested exceptional fish and chips, partnered with exceptional sweet potato fries

We also snuck naps on bean bag chairs, had a miserable time finding parking, and discovered we could have driven to the top of the "mount" we almost perished running up. 
 Wellington could not be left out, as it was the foundation on which we built our adventuring. I promise my next post will entertain you far more- or at least make you uncomfortable. 

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