Monday, January 25, 2016

As I promised:

Alright, here we go, lets do this, okay.

I come bearing news of adventure to come! so buckle in, or rather i guess just slightly more forward in your seat and continue reading. Or stay exactly how you are, either way.


On my American 23rd birthday (I get two because I'm in New Zealand, yay for time zones) I am embarking on a backpacking excursion. I will be taking a naked bus* ** to visit Rotorua  and a few days later to Waitomo to see some shiny worms and then to National Park  to tramp the 6+ hour trek of the Tongariro Crossing. From there I shall head toward Wellington to stay with friends of friends of friends of friends of friends (or something like that) who seem genuinely lovely over Facebook and email.

From Wellington I have chosen to finally take the ferry to the south Island where I aspire to spend the summer (yay for it being summer here) not going completely broke.***

And now for a brief intermission:

this is me during a particularly sweaty walk up an apparently "dormant" volcano

We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming

Current Events:
Somehow- which remains a mystery to me- I have more belongings than I started with.
I did not account for the amount of space food would take up in my bag.
I have very little space in my bag for belongings.

SO I am taking very very very little with me, And it is still too much.

At least I will be well fed on tuna, tortillas, and peanut butter. Obviously you will read all about these excursions at a later time. I will try to throw you a teaser, of my sightings and impressions somewhere along the way, to hold you over until I make another video. I make no promises.

*the occupants may or may not be naked
**tbe occupants are definitely not naked. Seriously, this isn't a Japanese hot spring. (see Naked with Strangers)
***These plans are subject to change on any whim I happen to experience. You retain no right to complain, however it is your privilege to leave comments along the way. 

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  1. Happy American 23rd birthday Lauren! Best of luck on your excursion! Walking up a volcano looks good on you :)