Friday, February 26, 2016

Craft Beer Prevails!

Such exciting news I have to share!
(Potentially only exciting to me and simply news to you, but I don't presume to know what makes your heart take flight.)

I, Lauren C M Klansek, have a job.

Oh yes, a paying job, with a weekly schedule, and coworkers, and bosses, and I AM SO EXCITED.
I haven't even told you the best part- though you don't have to be a literary genius to figure out my foreshadowing title. My job is at Founders Brewery Cafe. Emphasis on the brewery.

Story Time:
Gather round kids, I have a tale to tell.
When I applied to work at Sun King Brewery this was my relationship with beer:

I REALLY wanted to work there, so in an attempt to seem like I had beer knowledge I googled
"Beer making" and "Beer terms" and "Beer slang"
As it turns out they just wanted to know if I could fill a cup with beer and be nice to people.
Check and check.
After working at Sun King for 6ish months I couldn't get enough. (Not of beer, I like beer but I can definitely get enough of beer) I couldn't get enough of the people I was working with. I think I just love being around people who love beer. Or maybe I just really love being around people who are going after something they believe in. (Most likely the latter). Definitely the latter, something I learned about myself while working at Sun King is that I live to bring other people closer to their dreams.
End story time.

That story got deep. The point I was trying to make -i think- is that I am SO excited to work in a Craft brewery again because even though I'm starting by just serving beer I get to be around people who created something, and they worked hard to make their vision a reality. Also this family-run brewery has been doing this work for 160 years, so I'd say it is important to them. 

Before going in to my new job for the first time I researched all their beers. I looked up reviews so I could know how to talk about them and what they're supposed to taste like. (Similar to my beginnings at Sun King I've never actually tried their beer). When I went in today this is what greeted me:

Familiar? No? THEN GO TO SUN KING AND LOOK AT THEIR STOOLS. Those beautiful orange stools. Tomorrow I'm going to the store, and in celebration of income I am going to buy meat that does not come out of a can. And then I'm going to attempt to use a grill, which quite possibly could be a disaster. 

Stay tuned.

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  1. Yay! So happy for you and your job! That is so exciting!! Miss you :)