Monday, February 15, 2016

Live Better

Whoever in Poland is reading this blog you are awesome. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

So I told you with the peanut butter post that I would be making some changes.

I've recently discovered that I tend to let food rule my day. I eat relatively well, but lately I've gotten pretty lazy when it comes to making good food choices. (In my defence, I have to carry everything on my back and it has to last, so fresh food hasn't been much of an option). So last week I started feeling weird, I was eating tons of salt and drinking tons of water. I couldn't stop myself from having sugar and snacking on pretty much anything. SO I felt pretty terrible. The idea of not being able to resist a craving is unbelievably annoying to me. A craving to me feels like an addiction and I don't want to be addicted to anything, SO I decided the only way out of this self-trap is to radically change my pattern of behaviour. And I mean my entire pattern.

If you know much about me you know I enjoy a challenge. I like competition, and if I can't compete with someone else then I'll just compete with myself and be happy with that.

AND in the spirit of Accountability I'm letting you lovely folks be involved in the process. So Below is a link to a google doc where I will be inputing my behaviour data daily. I'll re-post the link every so often so I don't talk myself in to thinking no one will know I'm not following through.

Some questions I know you'll have:
1. Why no eating before noon? Many reasons, Partially for practising self-control. Partially for some health benefits of having a specific window of eating time and only eating when you are hungry. Mostly for the challenge of making it to Noon before I have my first meal.

2. What is Duolingo? It's a really awesome language learning app that I suggest to everyone. I'm attempting to learn french at the moment, I've also dabbled in German and Spanish.

3. How long will you do this? You'll notice on the google doc I only have 21 days, I intend to go longer, but 21 days is my re-assessment point. If I feel horrible or have any other negative effects then I'll re-evaluate my commitment.

So there you have it, Check out my progress

p.s. squares with little yellow corners have notes in them. Mostly excuses for my behaviour.

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