Sunday, February 21, 2016

Yay for people

I have stayed with and met some of the best people possible.

Grant and Jenny opened their home and their garden to me, helped me get a bank account and drove me places to try and find a job, without me ever asking. 

Karen opened up her home and introduced me to tuna toasties. Her and her husband gave me amazing travel advice and inspired me to get moving. 

Virginia the German hung out with me on her day in Rotorua and waited for me while I accidentally took a super long hike.

Gonny the Dutch woman shared a bottle of wine and a can of spicy pringles with me. 

Claudia and Markus the Austrians shared their story and gave me a ride back to my hostel when it was raining

Bill shuttled me to my next destination and made me feel like a world-class human

Blake the canadian climbed a mountain with me

The two Welsh girls I met in National Park (sorry can’t remember their names) had a beer and a burger with me and didn’t make fun of my horrific sunburn. 

Angela and Matt Opened up their home and their fridge to a wayward traveler who had no idea where she was going next. 

Derek the American took time out of his day to buy me lunch and show me around the National Museum, just because. 

Nerene and Dan let me escape from people for a few days, take full advantage of their garden, and their netflix, and asked for nothing in return. Except feeding their dog. 

Since leaving Wellington I've met even more unnecessarily generous people. 
I met Sue the nurse on the ferry and she offered to help me out if I ever go to Christchurch, the bus driver who waited for me to get food when I was unbelievably hungry, the managers of the hostel I'm WWOOFing at, the other WWOOFers I'm sharing life with. I continue to meet kind and helpful people from all over the planet. The world continues to get a little smaller and I'm just in one small country. Yay for people. 


  1. God continues to go before you to prepare your path. Praise him!

  2. God continues to go before you to prepare your path. Praise him!