Friday, February 5, 2016

It was a Marrow

I found out the name of the vegetable Bill gave me, it is called a Marrow. Only here is the thing, the Marrow Bill gave me was grown in his own garden probably with compost and whatnot and it was giant. So don't be fooled by the pictures, Bill did not hand me a packable cucumber sized vegetable, Bill gifted me an awkwardly fat Marrow.

Here is a picture of an uncomfortable looking me:

for the record I had no reason to look uncomfortable other than the fact that I hadn't washed my hair in a few days and I was unreasonably tired.. This picture of me is so bad it needed to be shared. (By no fault of the photographer) 

SO quick life update for you.

I have spent the last week in the suburbs of Wellington. One day I went in to town to visit Te Papa, and explore the area. This is how walking along the coast, in Wellington, on a summer day feels.

I stayed with an american family- who houses Bethel College students- for a few days. They have a giant dog and a tiny baby. One is loud and one poops in the yard. They gave me a bed, fed me, and let me do laundry. One of those was more necessary than i care to admit.

Here is a picture of an uncomfortable looking Great Dane:

Now I am house/dog sitting for their friends who live closer to Wellington in a Hilly Bay town called Lower Hutt. (They also have a fresh human, but they took it with them on their trip.) I will be here until next Thursday (America's Wednesday) when I head across the water to Nelson which is on the tippy top of the south island. And here comes the exciting part:

I will be working for accommodation for at least 3 weeks (hopefully longer) in a hostel in Nelson. I will also be looking for another job to do in the evenings so I can afford to stay here longer. It is ALSO my desire to acquire a bike, and then find someone who has a garden who wants to feed me from it.*

As for now I am hanging out with a black lab, going for long hikes and bike rides, learning how to drive on the left, (WAT) and taking advantage of the fact that the home owners said I was welcome to anything in their garden and fridge (hello vegetables and bread, nice to see you again).

That is all for now.

Here is a picture of an uncomfortable looking baby:

* It's hard not to be spoiled by organic and home grown foods here as having your own garden is common and the food is SO GOOD. 

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